Wacky x-rays From The Darkside

Wacky x-rays From The Darkside



Doctors in India took out a whole lightbulb from a prisoner’s anus . The man said he woke up that way, but the medical people aren’t sure. If he ate a batterie with it, he probably could have used his own ass as a night light.



Butchie, a 6-month-old Saint Bernard, managed to swallow a 14-inch knife in September 2005. He had to go to the vet and the hospital to have it surgically removed., The puppy had an 8-inch scar and we are pretty sure he was grateful to not have to shit it out.


No explanation needed.


An extra-terrestrial face seems to appear in the X-ray of a duck, which died in May from injuries it had when found.


This X-ray shows a boy who swallowed magnetic pieces of a block one at a time. When they hit his stomach, they reconnected. We don’t think that is how they want him to get his fiber.


A dentist found the source of the toothache MikeMitchell was crabby about on the roof of his mouth: a four-inch nail the building worker had mistakenly embedded in his skull six days earlier. The question is… was he stupid before he shot a nail in his own head or because he shot a nail in his head?


X-rays from Central Prison in Raleigh, N.C., show all sorts of stuff such as bed springs and batteries that prisoners gulped down to get trips to outside hospitals.


An 6-inch pair of cutters appears in the abdomen of Pat Skinner in April 2004 — 18 months after her
ill operation. Can you say ‘JACKPOT?”


A nail gun shot six nails into building worker Isaac “Six Shooter “Malone’s head during an April 2004 accident. He not only survived and was expected at the time to recover fully but with a permeant drool.


Dutch actress Georgina Verbaany produced x-ray profiles of the suspect hooters on her website. The results are proof that the 25-year-old did not surgically enhance her boobs in advance of a €200,000 photo shoot for the December issue of Dutch Playboy.
Truly a natural wonder.