Top 9 things in the wrong place

Top 9 things in the wrong place


1 Tree house

How is this even possible .. to have a tree growing out the side of your house? What is the point of that?

2 Really…?

This is just wrong on so many levels. Did no one look at the finished work?

3 Liquid Lunch Results

Guys… no more having lunch at the bar.

4 Redneck Out House


This has to be the most high end red neck outhouse ever with air conditioning and satellite  TV

5  Conjoined Twins

Unless this is for conjoined twins then no….. just … no.

6   Voted for the wr0ng Mayor

Guess who didn’t support the current Mayor?

7  Way to plan ahead…


That is some fine planning ahead right there. Whoever did this apparently graduated at the top of their class yes sir umm hmmm.

8  Bridge Repair

That looks safe enough. Hold my beer while I drive back and forth over it to check.

9 Security


This is like the chicken or the egg .. what came first. A moron who put in the security camera or an idiot who installed the TV?




See? I told you Uncle Sal could do it cheaper than that construction company.