Club Giggle’s Wacky Walmart People List…..

Club Giggle’s Wacky Walmart People List


1   Napping or Dead Kid on Aisle 13 ?

                                                                          Picture by Walmart Weirdos

So here is another Club Giggle’s Wacky Walmart People List. We aren’t sure what is going on here but are hoping this kid is just trying to take a nap while his parent shops… it is either that or Walmart now is offering funeral services because this kid doesn’t look so good?

 2      It’s not you…  it’s me.

                                                                 Picture by Walmart weirdos

We here at Club Giggle are all about parents spending quality time with their children. In this case, we think they have spent more than enough time together. When a kid has a plastic bag over their head and the parent looks unfazed by it then perhaps they should start seeing other people.

3       Pimp discount?

                                                                   Picture by Walmart weirdos

We guess this is where pimps go to shop when their bitches are lazy ( or are old too and possible have a broken hip… work related?) and he ends up on a budget? This old dude might have been hustling every day in his younger years… now he be rollin with a 3 wheel shopping cart.

4         Resting Up

                                                                           Picture by Walmart weirdos

Where to start…   we guess with the way she is sitting.  That looks like the laws of physics have ceases to work on that spot. Normal healthy people can’t bend like that. We would say she has broken something to sit like that but she is smiling.

 5           Gold Rush

                                                                                Picture by Walmart Weirdos

If that was real gold she would be worth a fortune. Is Walmart having a disco night on aisle 11 or is there a 70s reunion going on? If you listen closely you can almost here the song Y M C A playing.