Club Giggle’s 5 Cellmates That Will Keep You From Breaking the Law 4/9/17

Club Giggle’s 5 Cellmates That Will Keep You From Breaking the Law


1   What?

Now here is a cellmate that no one would want. Can you imagine every time you did something and looked up she would be staring at you with those eyes? Maybe wake up in the middle of the night and see her sitting looking at you? Like what the hell did I do to piss her off now?


2 Snack Time Cell Mate

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No one wants a cannibal for a cellmate. We don’t know if this guy is or isn’t but he looks pretty well fed. Waking up to someone chewing on your fingers like chicken wings is not how we would want to do our time.

3 Bat Shit

                                                 Picture by

Having a cellmate that is bat shit crazy is not the way to go.  One look and you can tell the lights are on but nobody’s home. That is quite the look going on there.  It has to be high maintenance. Hours spent with a stylist and makeup specialist or perhaps just someone who has a box of Crayola Crayons? Very unique look for the off my meds statement .

4 The Soul Eater

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This fine upstanding gentleman is probably misunderstood… or maybe not.  That look says, “I want your soul”  He looks like he is use to getting his way too so that does not bode well.

5 The Whistler

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We don’t know what happened to him but image laying in your cot at night trying to sleep and night after night listening to his nose hole whistle. Plus, we would be like “Dude… I am trying to eat here can you turn the other way and face the wall for 10 minutes?”


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Written by J.Wales