Club Giggles Top 5 weird animals and stuff


1   Llama


We here at Club Giggle aren’t sure if this is how a normal Llama looks but are pretty sure the answer is no. That is a face only mother could love. My ass hair isn’t as mangy as this animals fur.

2 Hairy sheep

Picture by knowledge overflow

This sheep has quite the stylish look going on. The wild and free and from England look. You have to wonder if that hair in the eyes ever drives it crazy.

3 Some sort of bird….

We don’t have a clue what type of bird this is but all the legs sticking out of the bottom it is freaking us out. It’s like a bad acid trip.  Make it stop. lol

4  Sheep


Picture by Funny Animals of the world
This is a sheep we think…  as you can tell we don’t get outside here much at Club Giggles.  We chose this picture basically for the smug look on its face. Let’s see if it is still smiling with potatoes and carrots around him.

5 Ostrich

                                                                                                Picture by Funny Free Animals Pictures

This must be photo shopped. This ostrich has better teeth then my ex-wife and less facial hair too.  I think it has a better attitude also from that smile. I bet it keeps it’s home cleaner too.  Ah well.. Maybe in the next life I will come back as an ostrich and find happiness?