Here Are 5 Breakout Pictures Of Crazy People At WalMart

Here Are 5 Breakout Pictures Of Crazy People At WalMart


1    Clean up aisle 13 … bring a mop and wheel barrel


Some Breakout Pictures Of Crazy People At WalMart  such as a fat guy passed out in the snack aisle. It looks like the security guards or cops want to poke him with a stick to see if he is still alive. Personally , I would use my taser on him to try to get a response.

2    Little Bo Peep

                                                           Picture by

Just what kind of function are these people going to dressed like that?  What century are the from? I guess Little Bo Peep really did lose her sheep cause she is at Walmart trying to buy another.

 3    Kid on a leash

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Here is a kid who is so feral that his parent has him on a leash. When I say parent I use the term loosely because a real parent wouldn’t let their kid crawl around on who knows what kind of filth that is on a Walmart floor. When is the last time you saw a kid on a leash being walked while the parent shops for unicorn meat?

4     Some one stopped taking their meds

Where do we start with this one? Someone who looks 7 foot tall and we believe is a man dressing like this in Walmart is not something you see often… and by often we mean never. I guess it does make a bold statement. That statement being ” I stopped taking my meds” .

5    Wrestling event in the middle of a Walmart


Here we have a wrestling event in the middle of a Walmart. Thats some classy shit right there. People pulling up on their Rascals to cheer on whichever  guy is winning at the moment. Screaming and hollering like they bet their whole Govt. check on the outcome of it.

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