Club Giggle’s Best Burger Blind Taste Test 4/14/17

            Club Giggle’s Best Burger Blind Taste Test

Blind taste test for fast food burgers

source                                 Blind taste test for fast food burgers




Summer time is coming and that means beaches, burgers and beer. So, we here at Club Giggle decided to check out who has the best burger in a blind taste test.

1   Wendy’s Burger

Dry wendy's burger


Here is a double cheeseburger from Wendy’s and ole Dave must be spinning in his grave to see this. Dry and greasy at the same time. Over cooked until it has the texture of cardboard. It looks like some cow gave its life for nothing with this creation. We would like to say something positive about it but just can’t think of anything. You know it is a bad burger when you toss it out the window and even the seagulls look at it like’ get that shit out of here’

2 McDonald’s Burger

mystery meat from McDonalds

Picture by                                                  mystery meat from McDonald’s


Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s would go bat shit crazy if he saw what his money maker has become.  Back in the 60’s these were cheap but delicious burgers.  Just take a look at this one above. Does that look like you would build an empire from it? The meat has a gray tinge to it even. If you can call it meat.

3 Burger King Bacon Burger

Just say no Bacon Burger from burger king

Picture by                       Just say no Bacon Burger from burger king


We found this one to be as bad as the rest. Dry and over salted with the texture of something that isn’t meant to be eaten. The last time a King gave his people food like this was Louis XVI during the French revolution. He lost his head for it.

Here is a picture of him still with his head and looking like he ate a lot of burgers.

Fat boy Louis XVI

Picture by of Louis XVI                Fat boy Louis XVI

4 The Home-Made Burger

Delicious home made burger

Picture by              Delicious home made burger


We recommend you skip the fast food burgers and make one like this at home. Nothing is better than home cooked made fresh.  So, to sum it up, Wendy’s McDonald’s and Burger King Burgers all failed to impress us.  They all failed the test.

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