Club Giggle’s Top 5 Stupid Criminals

Club Giggle’s Top 5 Stupid Criminals

1   The Moe, Larry and Curly of Burglars

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-macaroni-salad-bandits-628x314 Club Giggle's Top 5 Stupid Criminals


Here we have the first of Club Giggle’s Top 5 Stupid Criminals. We tossed in a few extra. Dimwits are cheap. So, these 3 allegedly broke into a burger place and stole the register along with a huge bowl of macaroni salad.  OK, if you are hungry and committing a crime and it is right there then why not? The problem with that is these 3 dopes took a subway to get away and left a trail of macaroni salad that led cops straight to them. Good thing it was already prepared. These guys would have ate the dry pasta till their gums bled.

2 Stoner

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-weed-dummy Club Giggle's Top 5 Stupid Criminals



This clown was allegedly driving around with 15 pounds of weed in his car… the whole time wearing a hat that said WEED on it. He didn’t signal for a lane change and now is probably on his way to jail for distribution.  Way to go dumbass.

3 Dumb and Incredibly Dumber

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-marker-dummies Club Giggle's Top 5 Stupid Criminals   Picture by The Huffington Post

These two nitwits allegedly committed a robbery and used black magic markers to disguise their faces. Ever try to wash off magic marker from your fingers? It is nearly impossible. They shouldn’t have eaten the lead paint chips as kids.

4    Big Thinkers

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-dinner-time-bandits Club Giggle's Top 5 Stupid Criminals


Here we have some of the best and brightest minds.  Just kidding. They are both assholes. They allegedly went into a restaurant and said they had a gun, that they wanted food. The owner said he was busy but come back in an hour. Guess what… yup… that’s right. They came back at almost closing and wanted 100 dollars and something to eat now too. The owner said let me get my wife’s check book and left them sitting there waiting to eat and called the police.   On the bright side for them… they did get a free meal in jail.

5 Arrrrrrh Matey!

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-pirate-robber Club Giggle's Top 5 Stupid Criminals

Picture by Colorado Springs Police Department

Here we have a guy on surveillance camera dressed as a pirate while attempting to rob a pharmacy. Arrrrrhh matey…I be stupid and wantin to plunder. Arrrrhh   Put all the booty in me treasure chest.    What a dipshit.

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