Club Giggles Top 5 Favourite Sodas

Club Giggles Top 5 Favourite Sodas

1   Coca Cola

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Remember as a kid on a hot summer day having that ice-cold Coca Cola? Nothing seemed quite so good as that first big swallow going down. Here at Club Giggles we voted it as the number one soda of all time.


2 Barq’s Root Beer

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The best root beer on the market by far. Great for root beer floats. It has a good amount of caffeine in it too so that earned it extra points with us. Let’s face it. If you are going to have a root beer float you aren’t really worried about nutrition and the extra jolt of caffeine might help you get your big butt up to walk off that cheeseburger you had with it too.

3 Dr. Pepper

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We don’t really like Dr Pepper but just wanted to show this picture. Besides that, remember the TV commercial they had with the song “I’m a pepper he’s a pepper … wouldn’t you want to be a pepper too”?   Then all the people dancing around like a Broadway show was going on?  It made us feel like we had won the genetic lottery because at least we weren’t on TV doing that.


4 A&W Cream Soda


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This soda has a smooth taste to it and goes down easy. Order this when you want to be different and turn your nose up at your friends. Show them you have a refined taste in beverages as you swish it around in your glass and sniff it before sipping it like a fine wine. They will either be impressed or punch you in the face.



5 Canada Dry


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We picked this one because it is a great mixer with alcohol. It goes with just about any hard liquor. Life is about growing and learning and the best way to do that is to make mistakes.  Hard liquor speeds up that process and Canada Dry makes it taste good. So, here’s to living and learning and hang overs.