5 Dumb Inventions we never needed

Club Giggle’s 5 Dumb Inventions we never needed


There are geniuses among us, there is no doubt. But also, there are idiots. In this list we are reviewing many of these later types of people. With so many amazing products these people come up with, you will soon realize there is no shortage of stupid people and their inventions.

LIKI Brush

CLUB GIGGLE liki-brush 5 Dumb Inventions we never needed                                                                                                                                       source

I think a way more effective product would be some type of glove or mitt that is made to very closely mimic the texture of an actual cat tongue. So petting would become like “licking” without having use your actual mouth. This product is ridiculous.


Diet Water

CLUB GIGGLE diet-water 5 Dumb Inventions we never needed

WOW! What a genius idea it is water with 0 calories and all this time I was drinking water full of calories.

It’s amazing that the company was able to come up with all those zero’s in ingredient list.

Wow Lays Chips

CLUB GIGGLE wow-lys-chips 5 Dumb Inventions we never needed                                                                                   Picture By   Not just delicious. (Frito-Lay)

Lay’s WOW Chips were fat free potato chips produced by Frito-Lay containing Olestra. They were first introduced in 1998, and were marketed using the Lay’s, Ruffles, Doritos, and Tostitos brands. As Olestra caused “abdominal cramping, diarrhea, fecal incontinence [“anal leakage”], and other gastrointestinal symptoms” in some customers, warnings were required to be included on the packaging, with the WOW bag bearing a warning that read, “This Product Contains Olestra. Olestra may cause abdominal cramping and loose stools.(Wkipedia)

Shreddies flatulence filtering garments 

CLUB GIGGLE shredies-underpants 5 Dumb Inventions we never needed                                                                                                  source

Shreddies flatulence filtering garments are the perfect way to treat flatulence issues. The garments feature an activated carbon lining that absorbs all flatulence odours; they become trapped and neutralized by the cloth which is then reactivated after washing.

My question is do they come with muffler as well.

Magic Mouse 2

CLUB GIGGLE magic-mouse 5 Dumb Inventions we never needed                                                                                                                                         source

Design before function  Apple Magic Mouse 2 can’t be used while charging WOW.

That mouse with the plug on the bottom makes about as much sense as a phone you have to unplug your headphones from if you need to charge it. Oh that’s right, Apple designed that too. leave it to Apple. But hey, we all know that the wireless headphones from apple are even more bullshit in sound quality than cheap supermarket headphones.