Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

Take Flying Lessons

CLUB GIGGLE Flyingwide-300x225 Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

Not something for the faint-hearted but one to tick of the list. With plenty of schools around it’s not hard to find somewhere to take up lessons.



Create a World Record and get in the Guinness Book of Records

CLUB GIGGLE world-records Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

If you’ve ever read the Guinness book of records you will have seen some of the weird and wonderful.



Build Something Amazing

CLUB GIGGLE pottery Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

A treehouse? A new home? Maybe a shelf or some pottery? Give something a go to be proud of and look back on to remember how hard you worked on it.



Go Scuba Diving

CLUB GIGGLE scuba Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

This popular bucket list idea is something truly amazing and, depending on where you do it, you can see everything from amazing corals, tropical fish and even sharks!



See the Great Barrier Reef

CLUB GIGGLE gbr Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

Closely tied into the above, if you want to go scuba diving then kill two birds with one stone and do it the best scuba diving destination in the world!




Sleep under the Stars

CLUB GIGGLE tent-300x300 Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

On a warm summer’s night with a clear sky, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see. If you’re really into stargazing, take a telescope and see even more.



Go in a Hot Air Balloon

CLUB GIGGLE hot-air-b Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

Again not cheap but you’ll experience the sky and views over the landscape on a different level. With some packages offering champagne and food, it’s an attractive bucket list idea to tick off.



Go on a Safari

CLUB GIGGLE safari-cabin-CAIF23992-300x200 Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

Head out to Africa and see some of the world’s most exotic animals, such as lions, zebra and elephants! You’ll also reap the benefits of constant sunshine, just think about all of the Vitamin D you’ll be getting.




Apply to be an Extra in a Movie or Television Show

CLUB GIGGLE extrainmovie Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

Ever fancied yourself as a TV star? Directors are always on the lookout for extras to help make their latest projects become a reality. Being on TV is bound to go down well with the grandchildren.



Go Skinny Dipping

CLUB GIGGLE skinny-dip-300x200 Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

A little bit on the risqué side but skinny dipping is commonly found on bucket lists around the globe. We advise doing this activity in a warm climate, at night-time when it’s a little quieter!



Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a Major City

CLUB GIGGLE Celebrate-New-Years-Eve-in-a-Major-City Bucket List Ideas for Adults (Part 2)

The excitement of New Year’s Eve heightens in the major cities. Places like Edinburgh and London put on spectacular firework displays, live concerts and food stalls.