Fall Bucket List 2021

Fall Bucket List



Go on a hike or walk filled with fall foliage!

CLUB GIGGLE autumn-walk-1792812_1280-300x200 Fall Bucket List 2021

This is one of the best things about fall. Looking at all those gorgeous leaves change colors. There is nothing like taking a nice long walk while hearing the crunching of leaves under your feet. Oh My, there just isn’t anything better!!


Make homemade apple crisp. YUM!

CLUB GIGGLE apple-crisp-9-683x1024-1-200x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

Baked with love of course!



Go apple picking!

CLUB GIGGLE apple-picking-225x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

Apple picking is so much fun. There are so many things that can be done with all the yummy apples.  Take for instance this next picture!




Make homemade apple cider.

CLUB GIGGLE apple-cider Fall Bucket List 2021

Yes, Home made Apple Cider is the best and a very useful way to use all of those apples from the orchard!


Carve pumpkins.

CLUB GIGGLE pumpkin-carving Fall Bucket List 2021

There is no other fun like carving pumpkin fun!



Have a fall-themed dinner!

CLUB GIGGLE Orange-Ginger-Roast-Chicken-With-Fennel-and-Radicchio-Salad-200x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

Do I even need words? Look at that !!!




Fall movie marathon!

CLUB GIGGLE fall-movies-index-1628968089-300x140 Fall Bucket List 2021

There are so many awesome movies to chose from that have a Fall or Halloween theme. My personal fas are Hocus Pocus, and the Boo movies from Tyler Perry as Madea! 



Make pumpkin pancakes! 

CLUB GIGGLE Unknown Fall Bucket List 2021

What a wonderful breakfast!


Rake leaves & make a leaf angel!!

CLUB GIGGLE leaf-angel-300x225 Fall Bucket List 2021

Who hasn’t wanted to rake a bunch of leaves in a pile and do a Leaf angel? That is fun for any age!





Decorate the house with seasonal vibes!

CLUB GIGGLE Warm-And-Cozy-Fall-Decorating-Ideas-06-1-Kindesign-240x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

What a gorgeous way to unwind from the stress of the day. Sitting in a Autumn inspired room!



Sit outside around a fire making s’mores!

CLUB GIGGLE smores-300x200 Fall Bucket List 2021

S’mores!  Firepit!!  Friends!!!  Best Night Ever!



Visit a pumpkin patch!

CLUB GIGGLE pumpkin-patch-300x199 Fall Bucket List 2021
Visiting a pumpkin patch is something that people have been doing since the beginning of time. Can you blame them? There is so much beauty!





Make a pumpkin dessert! YUM!

CLUB GIGGLE pumpkin_spice_latte_cake-200x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

Who wouldn’t want to take a huge bite into this yummy fall cake!


Drink fall-themed cocktails!

CLUB GIGGLE fall-cocktails-300x200 Fall Bucket List 2021

What better way to relax after a crazy day! A nice fall-themed cocktail!



Decorate your front porch with pumpkins and mums!

CLUB GIGGLE fall-decor Fall Bucket List 2021

A beautifully decorated porch is a wonderful way to leave behind a crazy day at work or school and step into an oasis of fall-like splendor!




Make chili/your favorite cozy soup!

CLUB GIGGLE soup-300x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

There is truly nothing like your favorite bowl of soup to warm the soul in the dead of fall!



Bake a homemade pie!

CLUB GIGGLE pie-300x169 Fall Bucket List 2021

Pumpkin pie is literally a little slice of heaven.



Make apps and watch a football game!

CLUB GIGGLE Football-260x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

There is nothing like having a fall football party for the whole family. Maybe a little bit of pumpkin pie and some cider as well? Good times with the family!



Have fall family photos taken!

CLUB GIGGLE Fall-Family-Outfits-Bold-Colors-185x300 Fall Bucket List 2021

Plaid and warm colors are great for fall photos.



Try a new fall diffuser blend!

CLUB GIGGLE 5-difffuser-blends-for-fall-300x200 Fall Bucket List 2021

There are so many fall smells that you can add to a diffuser to make your home smell Autumn-like. Peppermint, cinnamon, apples, pumpkin spice and nutmeg are are some great starter smells.



Check out any local fall farmers markets in your area!

CLUB GIGGLE farmers-market-produce-0812211-300x203 Fall Bucket List 2021

This is another fun thing to do and it helps your local farmers! 


How many do you thing you will do this year?