Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

1  Walmart Dating …Cassandra

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Hey there all you single people and welcome to another round of Club Giggle’s Walmart Dating.

Guys meet Cassandra…

Cassy is a one of a kind woman. She says she is a simple woman and easy to please. She doesn’t need a fancy dinner… she is just as happy with a… club sandwich.  When she isn’t out hunting with her bow she spends her time skinning and making throw rugs from the hides. Her favorite food is anything she shot with her own bow and arrow.

 2 – Walmart Dating …Rosa

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Here we have Rosa…  She is single again after a 15-year marriage and has two children but is working on that as you can see in the picture above. Rosa works in housecleaning for a major hotel chain and has plans to one day start her own cleaning company. She is hoping to get a contract from the city police department to clean up after homicides.  Her favorite food is Chow Mein with a hint of curry in it.

3 Walmart Dating …Ivan

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Ladies you are in for a treat… meet Ivan. Ivan is a free spirit and is into anything that might be fun like pie eating contests, the long toss pumpkin competition at the fall fair and women’s dresses size 26 or above. Ivan didn’t always have such good taste in women’s clothing. It wasn’t until the forklift accident and the resulting metal plate that was inserted in the left side of his skull that he found his affinity for dresses. It was a truly lucky day for him he says because he feels so free and breezy now. His favorite food is steak marinated in cactus juice.

4 – Walmart Dating …Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is totally available guys. Here we see her at Walmart shopping with her little brother.  She lives in a small town in Tennessee and uses to work as an exotic dancer until there was a mishap one day and a customer could no longer feel his legs.  She says she is the hillbilly Kim Kardashian and proud of it.  Her favorite food is mashed potatoes and fried pork belly .

5 – Walmart Dating  …Jerry Joe

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Jerry Joe is back on the dating scene after a long hiatus… due to being incarcerated for being in possession of 3000 pounds of marijuana.  When they arrested him, he told the officers that he had really bad glaucoma and it was for personal use. Jerry Joe use to be laid back but now with his glaucoma untreated, he has turned into a fiery type personality. Ladies, you might meet him at his work release job as a Walmart greeter if you are in the southwest part of Texas. When he isn’t at work he loves to go bowling and kick stray cats behind the 7/11 store. His Favorite food is Honey buns that he learned to love while a guest of the Texas Federal Penal system.

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