Club Giggle Presents: Walmart Dating of the Day .

Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating For The Day

1 Stella

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-6817-6939 Club Giggle Presents: Walmart Dating of the Day .

Hey there all you single people and welcome to another round of Club Giggle’s Walmart Dating.

Guys meet Stella.  A fine Irish lass who is looking for a special leprechaun in her life. Stella was born in Ireland and moved to the USA when she was 14 years old with her parents. In her off time from her job as a fortune teller you can find her at the local pub showing guys what “the luck of the Irish’ means. Her hobbies include going to baseball games and swimming. She said she learned to swim when her father tossed her out of the boat to teach her.  Swimming was the easy part… getting out of the burlap bag she was in was hard… and it was even harder to find the shore at night in the dark.   Her favorite food… well of course… Corned beef and cabbage.

 2 – Calvin

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-6817-6943 Club Giggle Presents: Walmart Dating of the Day .

Ladies say hi to Calvin. He is a big kid at heart and loves to play games and has a stuffed fox he carries with him which he claims is his best friend. He wears a fox tail because he says he wants everyone to know he believes in equal rights for stuffed foxes and also just because he likes the way it looks on him. Calvin is currently working in the medical field. He signs up for studies that test new investigational medicines. They pay fairly well from what he says and it has helped him get rid of a recurring rash but has also given him a stutter when he speaks.  His hobbies are fishing and cleaning up the highway at mile marker 104 during off peak traffic hours.  His favorite food is cotton candy and octopus stew.

3 – Ricky Jack

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-6817-6942 Club Giggle Presents: Walmart Dating of the Day .

Ricky Jack is a single dad who is looking for love again after his ex-wife ran off with his father.  All we can say is holiday dinners with the family just got awkward. Here you see him teaching his daughter that life is hard so she needs to be strong… that and he is sort of lazy and didn’t want to walk so had her push him while shopping. Ricky works for the city as a bus driver and if you see him feel free to say hi and start up a conversation… Just don’t mention his baby’s mamma who is now his step mom.  His favorite food is white macaroni with cheese and stewed tomatoes in it.

4 – Bertha May 

 CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-6817-6940 Club Giggle Presents: Walmart Dating of the Day .

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Bertha May is just adorable in her panda outfit. She loves all things about pandas ever since she was at the zoo and fell into the enclosure with them. When she isn’t at her job working on the docks carrying 75 pound sacks of coffee beans  you can find her at the zoo sitting and talking to the pandas thru the glass. She is hoping to find that true love who also appreciates pandas.  Her favorite food is pork chops with bacon bits sprinkled on top.

5 –  Tyra


CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-6817-6941 Club Giggle Presents: Walmart Dating of the Day .  Picture by ..peopleofwalmart.

Here you go guys … a special treat for you in the form of Tyra who is truly unique. A Satan worshiper who believes in peace, harmony and anarchy, she is committed to her cause and believes Trump becoming President is a sign from below that the end is near. Her hobbies are reading vampire novels and knitting hats for the homeless. Her favorite food is deviled eggs ,deviled ham and for desert devil dogs.

Written by J.Wales

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