Club Giggle’s 5 Craziest Japanese Inventions

Club Giggle’s 5 Craziest Japanese Inventions

4/13/2017         By A Malik

Face Slimmer

Another great submissive, humiliation tool from our Japanese friends.

It is much better for increasing your eating productivity.
if your wife gets angry when you chew food loud,  start wearing this at the dinner table and when  go out to eat. It really makes eating chicken wings simple. You can drop entire chicken wings straight down your esophagus without chewing and wash them down with a cold beer. Hot dogs, bananas, and pickles are no longer a struggle.

The Baby Floor Cleaner


All children are different, but none of them are clean! No matter where you live, an infant child will add to your already burdensome house work. So put them to work early and watch them start to crawl and clean up at the same time.

Public transport helmet


Keep falling asleep on the person sitting next to you? Perhaps you never get a seat on your long journey home? Have no fear; these ridiculous looking devices will keep you very comfortable. Added bonus: people might think you are completely crazy and leave the cart and give you some space of your own.

Chin Rest


After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is stand in train or tram. Jpanese have come up with chin rest which allows you to sleep while standing plain genius?


Never miss a drop again


Some folks are pros when it comes to using eye drops. A quick lean back and a drop in the eye, and everyone are happy. Others not so much. It can take hours to get it just right. These glasses might look wacky, but I bet they make the procedure a little more dignified for those who resist the regular way