The Changing World, Then And Now Photos

Time flies almost unnoticeably and things change dramatically over time, whether it’s cities and towns or nature and its landscape’s. Nature changes over time, but if you see it regularly, spotting the differences isn’t all that easy. Day in and day out, even over many years, our surroundings tend to blur into one’s memory.

However, people have been sharing pictures online showing how cities and places have changed over years by comparing them to the old photos. By looking at these ‘then and now’ photos, the changes become highlighted and easier to differentiate. I have put together a collection of these kind of photos, showing how particular living spaces transformed over the years.

Please check the video to see how places in the past look today. In this video you’ll be able to learn the history of the world via rare historical photos, then and now, showing a scene from the same point of view at different points of time accompanied by educational references. Enthusiasts from around the world have recreated old historical photos showing the same place in two different times.