Mushrooms Out Of This World

Mushrooms Out Of This World

posted on Friday  3/30/2017       By A Malik

1         Panus fasciatus

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Panus fasciatus (pronunciation: Pan-uss fassy-ah-tuss), commonly called the Hairy Trumpet, is a common wood decaying fungus found on dead wood in forests and woodlands Australia wide. Kinda looks like something you would see in a DR Seuss book.

2      Hairy mycena

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These are tiny fungi with sizes varying from 1mm across the cap to 5mm. The height of the stem varies from 5mm to 15mm. It is possible that all are new species, at least in Australia. Very little work has been done on tiny fungi like these. Weird looking but interesting. I wouldn’t eat them with my steak though.

3         Leratiomyces

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The blue leratiomyces is a new species for Australia. It was first discovered on New Caledonia and then on Lord Howe Island, but this is the first in Australia and it is the first blue variety – the others are green. The red is quite common, but it is rarely this red. Kinda looks like a melanoma .  I bet it has that smell to it too. Gross.

4         Clathrus archeri

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Although it might look like something straight out of an Alien film, Clathrus archeri is actually a fungus.

Clathrus archeri, also known as Devil’s Fingers  is native to Australia and New Zealand, it’s now found throughout Europe and North America. .Despite its unappetizing appearance, you can actually eat Devil’s Fingers. Although, perhaps put the the chopping board away; it apparently has a smell very similar to rotting flesh. It uses the gross odor to attract flies, which fly off and unwittingly disperse their spores.Eating Devils fingers will give you Devils ass. You will be in the bathroom for days . Just say no.

5         Favolaschia calocera

CLUB GIGGLE image011-1024x760 Mushrooms Out Of This World                                                        by Bernard Spragg

commonly known as the orange pore fungus, is a species of fungus in the Mycenaceae family. First observed in Madagascar, it has recently spread around the world and is now known from New Zealand, Italy,Australia, Hawaii,Thailand, China, Kenya, Norfolk Island and Réunion Island.It presents as a bright orange stalked fan, 5 mm–30 mm diameter, with prominent pores on the underside.

6         Cyathus striatus

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Cyathus striatus, commonly known as the fluted bird’s nest, is a common saprobic bird’s nest fungus with a widespread distribution throughout temperate regions of the world. This fungus resembles a miniature bird’s nest with numerous tiny eggs the eggs, or peridioles, are actually lens shaped bodies that contain spores.

7         Amethyst deceiver


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This looks like shrooms from the 70s but don’t mess with them. The 70’s brought us disco and  bell bottom pants too .  Enough said.

8         Coprinus comatus

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Suddenly appearing in people’s lawns–in troops or lines or rings–this mushroom is well known and relatively easily recognized. Its distinguishing features include its shape and stature (see the illustrations), and the fact that the gills “deliquesce,” turning themselves into black ink as they mature.

Shaggy manes are frequently found in disturbed ground, and the edges of dirt roads can produce many mushrooms. In the Rocky Mountains, Coprinus comatus can be seen from the car during monsoon season by simply driving four-wheel-drive roads and keeping an eye on the roadsides.

9         Hydnellum peckii

CLUB GIGGLE image017 Mushrooms Out Of This World                                                                      Picture By   Dr tohid nooralvandi

Hydnellum peckii is a special type of fungi that produce blood or juice like fluid on its surface. This plant is also known as ‘bleeding tooth fungus’. It is the Scarlet pigment causes blood like the color on the fluid of this plant. This strange plant mainly found across North America and Europe. It is edible, but the blood like fluid is extremely bitter in taste.  What we want to know here at Club Giggle is who looks at this and thinks.. hmmm.. let me try to eat that?  Dumbasses.

10       Marasmius haematocephalus

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Smoke enough weed and turn on the fan to watch these things sway and it might take your mind off how bad you want tacos.