Club Giggle’s Walmart Dating Service

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-walmart-dating-service-pic-1 Club Giggle’s Walmart Dating Service

Club Giggle’s Walmart Dating Service 1  Welcome To Club Giggle’s Walmart Dating Service Picture by Meet Luciana everyone.  It is true that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and different forms…  unfortunately for her she is none of them. After seeing this picture, I had to lay down in the fetal position for 2 hours and try to

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6 Hilarious Texts Messages

CLUB GIGGLE image001-1 6 Hilarious Texts Messages

3/21/2017    By A MAlik   6 Hilarious Texts Messages   1 We all have that one friend….   You know… the one we think his father married his cousin.   2 Always make sure you know who you dialed. Lol  It can be a life changing event. 3 A real best friend would have been driving the car yes?  Friends

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Top 10 Stupid Inventions

CLUB GIGGLE fork-chops Top 10 Stupid Inventions

Top 10 Stupid Inventions     1 Fork Chops   Here is a total dimwit idea but listen up anyhow. If you’ve ever wanted to completely class DOWN your sushi meal, opt for to use a fork chop. This way if your chopsticks are too much to handle, you can turn them around, make use of a fork and have

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