About Us

So just a little bit about how Club Giggle came to be. We are two friends who shared funny stuff on Facebook and people seemed to like it. We started to run some pages and now some groups where we share all the newest funny videos and gifs and pictures. We enjoyed doing it but it is when people started to tell us that they came every day to take a look and it was how they started their morning or how they got thru a bad day… that is when we thought why not make a website so even more people can see what gets posted. Other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can now have a laugh with us too. We hope as we grow to bring you only the best and newest content that will brighten your day and give you a good laugh. We are working on original content that will be first seen on Club Giggle. With all the crazy stuff going on in the world we need to remember life is short and take some time to laugh and enjoy it. The rest will sort it’s self out. So it is our hope that we make your day a good one and full of laughter and funny things you can share with your friends. Thanks for checking us out.