Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

1 Jimmy John

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Hey there all you single people and welcome to another round of Club Giggle’s Walmart Dating.

Ladies meet Jimmy John.  He works cleaning up Walmart after hours and takes his job very seriously. It’s not enough to just do a fantastic job …it must be done in style. Henceforth the French maid outfit. Raised in the Cajun bayou Jimmy is very proud of his French heritage and would love to meet someone with similar interests.  He is into fine dining, old black and white movies, his frog farm, and high heels in size 14 black. His favorite food is steamed clams over a bed of cottage cheese.

 2 – Mabel


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Guys meet Mabel. She’s a southern bell who is still single and looking for that special cowboy in her life. When she isn’t working at the local pretzel stand she enjoys going to football games and line dancing to the latest country western tunes at the night club down the street from her house. She once roped a cow in 8 seconds flat and rode a bull for 2 minutes. She had hopes of joining the professional rodeo circuit until she realized there was clowns involved and she is deathly afraid of them.  Favorite food is mackerel  with a sour cream sauce and lentils.


3 – Bertha

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Meet Bertha … a happy go lucky laugh all the time woman who loves people and anything pink. Bertha works down at the pier unloading cargo off the ships in port. She says her dream man might just be a sailor from a exotic land far away. Until she meets him she spends her time with her 4 parrots and doing puzzles of cats. Her favorite food is fried pig ears dipped in maple syrup and then baked.

4 – Clara

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Say hi to Clara. She is totally into cats and loves Sylvester from Loony Toons. Clara works at the local theater at the ticket counter and always has a smile for anyone who asks about her cat hat. She says she isn’t really sure where her love of cartoons came from but her sisters say it is because she ate lead paint chips while watching them.  Clara is looking for that special guy to spend quality time with watching the Cartoon Network.  Her favorite food is possum hot dogs and yam french fries.

5 –  Kandy

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Kandy is totally outgoing and looking for a man who is the same way. She enjoys disco dancing and driving ATVs though the wooded valley outside her home town. She currently is the state arm wrestling champion in both the men and women’s 350lbs pound and over division. Her favorite food is any form of beef wrapped in bacon.

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