Club Giggle’s Walmart Dates Of The Day

Club Giggle’s Walmart Dates Of The Day

1  Club Giggle’s Walmart Dates… Ada

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Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dates Of The Day and we are proud to present to you Ada as our first single looking for love.

Ada’s hobbies are bare knuckle fighting for cash prizes on Friday nights in the parking lot behind McDonalds, breeding blue ribbon hogs on her uncle’s farm and scrap booking. She loves mid-week dinners at the all you can eat buffet. She says it helps her stock up on calories for energy for her Friday night bouts. When she isn’t cracking heads for fun you can find her working the church cake sales on Sunday.

2 Club Giggle’s Walmart Dates… Jimmy Tate

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Ladies be prepared to be wowed by Jimmy Tate.  Jimmy is from Alabama and a good ole boy thru and thru. He loves NASCAR as much as he loves breathing. He says there is just something about the smell of gasoline, oil and burnt rubber on a sizzling summer day that makes everything right in his world. There has been a rash of arson fires at local car dealerships and Jimmy just happened to be in the area. He is sort of a local celebrity because of how many times news reporters have interviewed him asking what he saw being first on the scene. His favorite food is creamed corn over cottage cheese and a beer. Make his favorite dinner ladies and you just might win his heart.


3 Club Giggle’s Walmart Dates… Timmy Joe

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Meet Timmy Joe, a former lumberjack and owner of a franchised meth lab.  Timmy is a tall drink of pond water ladies. For those women who love the caveman type Timmy is the one for you. His hobbies are tossing horse shoes (not as a game but just because he likes to see how far he can throw them) and killing pigs down at the slaughter house…. when all the workers go home he sneaks in. Favorite food is duck in a caramel sauce.

4 Club Giggle’s Walmart Dates… Mary Beth

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Say hello to Mary Beth.  She is outgoing and loves to laugh and thinks her smile makes her unique. Her hobbies are fishing, hiking, monopoly marathons and interpretive dance. She has 6 cats and 4 boys and had a gerbil farm but gave up on at after they kept going missing on nights her ex-boyfriend would visit. Her favorite foods are pasta with sautéed chunks of turtle and rhubarb pie.

5 Club Giggle’s Walmart Dates…Billy Bob and Susy Lynne

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They are both currently single again after a failed marriage that was conducted at Walmart. It was a magical moment but soon faded when both finally realized they were half siblings. Susy Lynne is now a stay at home mom taking care of their special needs child and Billy Bob is a long-haul trucker. If you should run into either one of them feel free to start up a conversation but just don’t mention

Written by J.Wales 5/19/17

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