Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

The Original Lite-Brite

CLUB GIGGLE The-Original-Lite-Brite-Is-Now-A-300-Buy-300x225 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

Debuted in 1967, the Original Lite-Brite sold for just $10. It features a light box with small, colored plastic pegs that light up when turned on. You could even create masterpieces by placing the colorful pegs on various included templates that come with the toy! The original set included red, blue, orange, white, green, yellow, pink, and violet pegs.

If you were to sell one today expect to be $300 richer! Thats correct, a 3000% return on your 1967 investment!


Barbie In A Swim Suit

CLUB GIGGLE barbi-Doll-20000-300x191 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

This Barbie Doll was only $3 when it debuted in 1959. Because a lot of Barbies were created when the doll was first announced, there are some rare ones that are worth up to $1200. This first edition Barbie with the classic black-and-white striped swimsuit, also considered the holy grail of Barbies, is extremely rare, and now is selling for $20,000 at auctions today!


The Hot Wheels Van

CLUB GIGGLE Hot-Wheels-Van-99423-77023-300x169 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

This Barbie Hot Wheels Van was awesome! Unfortunately, This pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb van didn’t work on its race tracks, so Mattel quickly discontinued it. To date, there has only been 2 of these incredibly rare toys discovered! One sold for an insane $72,000! It’s true what they say, you cannot put a price of childhood memories.


Superman Toy

CLUB GIGGLE Original-Superman-Figure-15891-16873-300x213 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

In 1940, Ideal Novelty and Toy Company created a 13-inch tall Superman action figure. All but its head and upper body was made from wood. Because this doll was the first ever to be released for the franchise, it became one of the most highly collectible in the world. It sold for just 94 cents upon release. With a selling price of more than $20,000, it is now worth almost 30,000 times more than the original MSRP.



CLUB GIGGLE Furby-300x157 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

This Furby debuted in 1998. Parents were fighting each other in store aisles to get their hands on the electronic gift. The toys could talk to each other, made weird sounds, and had creepy blinking eyes. This annoying toy originally cost just $35, and some of the rarer first editions in mint condition are selling for upwards of $900.


Teddy Ruxpin

CLUB GIGGLE Teddy-Ruxpin-300x199 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

In 1985 you could pick up a Teddy Ruxpin doll for $70. This stuffed animal had a built-in cassette recorder and children loved them. The doll remembers who you are, tells stories and even moves his eyes!  While prices vary based on the condition of your Teddy Ruxpin, we have seen them selling for $400 on eBay. If you didn’t exactly care for your doll the way you should have, it could still be worth upwards of $150.


Strawberry Shortcake Doll

CLUB GIGGLE Mint-Tulips-Doll-300x246 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

The Mint Tulip doll first appeared in 1979 and that doll once sold for pennies on the dollar and is now worth $1,000.



Mail Order My Little Pony

CLUB GIGGLE Rapunzel-My-Little-Pony-collectors-item-37677-90646-300x241 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

The holy grail of the My Little Pony collection could only be snagged through a mail order. Rapunzel is pink in color and has an incredibly long mane of yellow and gold hair with pink tinsel. You had to mail order this pony then patiently wait for it to arrive. If you went through all of that hassle you are now in possession of a My Little Pony that could fetch up to $900 and maybe more if you find the right brony willing to pony up some extra cash.


Matchbox Car

CLUB GIGGLE crane-toy-value-35297-26311-300x205 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

When Matchbox cars debuted in 1953, they sold for less than $1 each. The cars were beloved by millions of children and the toy company behind the vehicles, Lesney Products, was eventually acquired by Mattel.

Fast forward to 2004 when Jim Gallegos, a renowned Matchbox collector, purchased a brown No. 30 crane for $13,000. That’s more than a 13,000% increase in the value of the toy. Fun fact, Gallegos owns more than $1.4 million worth of Matchbox cars.



Toy Crane

CLUB GIGGLE lionel-crane-38622-69764-300x241 Top Ten Vintage Toys Now Worth A Fortune (Part 1)

The Lionel 3360 Burro Crane was a prototype for many model cranes that would arrive after it. Built in the 1950s this masterpiece of prototyping has been incredibly hard to find. An eBay auction for the Burro Crane managed to score $85,062.25 for the seller. Lionel trains are considered some of the best-built models of all-time, but we still can’t imagine spending this much cash to own a rare toy.