Deep Thoughts For the Day From One Cranky Old Man2

Does anyone really care about the Olympics? I mean most of the sports there  you would have to pay me to watch. Curling,SnowBoarding.Figure Skating .. those 3 right there rule out most men from being interested.  Why include games that leave out half of the world’s population?  Find something everyone can be interested in. Back in my day if one of the guys said ‘lets try curling out on the pond later’ We would have laughed and then made him curl over from a punch in the gut. Want to make it interesting for most men? Let them curl while professional hockey players take slap shots at them from 30 feet away.  I’d watch that for sure. As for snowboarding…  make it so they have to get past a pack of hungry wolves. Tie some sausages around their neck and start the run. Figure Skating…  maybe turn it into exotic skating with the girls from  gentlemen’s clubs near the airports from all over the world.

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Deep Thoughts By One Cranky Old Man2



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