Deep Thoughts For The Day By One Cranky Old Man2

Today I was thinking about my mom and dad.  They use to love to go to flea markets and yard sales even if just to look around. My dad would always tell my mom she wasn’t good are bargaining the price down. That she was a soft touch and they could get better deals if she would scowl more and look at the item with her nose turned up and ask in a snippy voice ” what do you want for this thing? ”   So after a while she got tired of hearing it and agreed to try it.

They were out driving around looking for a yard sale and see all this stuff  they liked in a yard and pulled over. Before my mom got out my dad reminder her to scowl.   So she gets out and is walking around picking things up and looking at them and checking out all the stuff in boxes.   Finally a lady comes out of the house and says “Can I help you?”  My mom scowls and holds up a vase and says how much do you want for this thing?  The lady says .. this isn’t a yard sale…. we are in the middle of moving.   To which my mother says oh.. and puts the vase down and goes back to the car where she proceeds to tell my dad what just happened.

The two of them laughed for 40 minutes uncontrollably  Then my mom proceeded to curse out my dad for telling her to scowl and not be nice and that went on for a while.  For years after they would just be sitting and start laughing about it .   I’m not quite sure what the moral of this story is except maybe be nice and don’t just walk in peoples yards unless you see a sign?   CLUB GIGGLE deep-thoughts-for-the-day-by-one-cranky-old-man2-10282 Deep Thoughts For The Day By One Cranky Old Man2

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