Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

1  Eddy Joe

Eddy Joe is our first single up on today’s segment of Walmart Dating.  Eddy works shearing sheep at his cousin’s farm just outside of town. He is a hard worker but enjoys having time off to go shopping and check out all the latest fashions at Walmart. He loves to laugh and have fun and is hardly ever serious so you will have a good laugh should you decide to go on a date with him. There is only two things he is serious about and prefers not to discuss. We will let you figure out what they are on your own.

2 Betty Lou

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-61819-7557 Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

Here we have Betty Lou who is looking for that Mr. Right . Betty is a stay at home woman who likes to watch TV and spend time with her  14 cats. If you are lucky enough to get a date with her bring some string for her cats and you will be at 2nd base with her already .

3 Hilda May

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-61819-7554 Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

Say hi to Hilda guys. She is hoping to meet someone special to go to church and all you can eat buffets with. Hilda’s favorite time of the year is the 4th of July. She loves fireworks and pie eating contests at the fairgrounds. She is currently the pie eating champion in both the men’s and women’s 300 pounds and over division.  She gives God all the credit for making her a champion.

4 Cindy Lee

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-61819-7553 Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

Cindy Lee is truly a dream to meet guys. In her younger days she loved to ride motorcycles and you could find her wherever there was a party going on. Giving up riding was part of her plea deal for the high speed chase that made its way thru 3 states before ending with a horrific crash on a chicken farm. So now you know she is not easy to catch guys so bring your A game when you ask her for a date.

5 Loraine

CLUB GIGGLE club-giggle-brings-you-walmart-dating-61819-7555 Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating

Ahh yes…. and finally we have our best for last.. Loraine. A true renaissance woman who takes time to watch sunsets and drink only the finest  in boxed wine. When her government check comes on the first of the month you will find her at the liquor store bright and early making sure she gets the pick of the latest wine shipment.  Later that evening if you are lucky enough to get a date with her.. you might watch the sun go down sipping a glass of 4.99 per gallon wine and enjoy some cheese whiz on crackers.

We hope you might have found love in our latest installment of Club Giggle Brings You Walmart Dating.  Til next time .. stay safe and stay Walmart classy .


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