Top 6 Stupid Names

Top 6 Stupid Names



CLUB GIGGLE friendless Top 6 Stupid Names

Friendless Baxter was born in 1871 in Leeds, West Yorks. Presumably his parents thought he would be a bit of an introvert.

2 Faith Hope Charity

CLUB GIGGLE faith-chaity-hope Top 6 Stupid Names

Faith Hope Charity Brown was born in 1892 in Gillingham, Kent. No pressure for her to become a good person then?

3 Leicester Railway

CLUB GIGGLE leicester-railway Top 6 Stupid Names

Leicester Railway Cope was born in a train carriage at Leicester Railway Station in 1863.


4 One Too Many

CLUB GIGGLE one-too-many Top 6 Stupid Names

One Too Many Gouldstone was born in Walthamstow, London, in 1870. Maybe he was the last of 13 children?

5 Zebra

CLUB GIGGLE zebra Top 6 Stupid Names

Zebra Lynes was born in Southampton in 1875. There is no record of her born in a zoo.


6 Mineral Waters

CLUB GIGGLE real-mineral-water Top 6 Stupid Names

Mineral waters was born in 1892 in Rochford, Essex. Yet another child whose name was little more than a poor joke suitable for a Christmas cracker.