17 Most amazing Eagle attacks caught on camera

17 Most amazing Eagle attacks caught on camera.

Have you ever seen an eagle catches a sea snake?
What if a rabbit that dodged the eagle’s attacks like a ninja?
Also the eagle that catches the baby crocodile in front of its own mother?
The eagle was crowned as the king of animals in the sky.
They fly very fast and their attacks are very dangerous.
It’s rare for an animal to escape the eagle’s grasp.
If you wanna see those moments, you’ve come to the right place, as we will see, 17 most amazing eagle attacks caught on camera.

Number 17 Rabbit
In this video, there was a rabbit running fast on a flat meadow, because it was being chased by an eagle that hasn’t eaten for a week.
Then, the eagle launched its first attack.
And it was failed.
The rabbit kept running, and the eagle swooped down again.
Just like a ninja, this rabbit dodges at the last second.
Okay third strike from the eagle.
And fourth.
Finally, the eagle managed to catch this little ninja.
The eagle must have thought this rabbit was very troublesome.
After breathing for a while, the eagle flew to bring dinner for the babies who were waiting at home.

Number 16 Dog
In this video, there is a small dog running on the grass.
I think, the dog felt that he was playing with the eagles.
He didn’t know that in one strike from the eagle, he could turn into a meal.
Luckily, there was a good man who immediately rescued the dog.

In another video, there are puppies playing near the rocks.
The mother left her puppies in search for food.
Seeing that opportunity, the eagle that had been stalking them for a long time, flew straight to the puppies.
The eagle then ambushed one of the puppies mercilessly.
Seeing that, the mother ran quickly to save her child.
Unfortunately it was too late, because the eagle had already flown away, and was impossible for the mother to reach.

Number 15 Grizzly Bear
Number 14 Drone
Number 13 Warthog
Number 12 Wolf
Number 11 Fox
Number 10 Shark
Number 9 Monkey
Number 8 Deer
Number 7 Cat
Number 6 Crocodile
Number 5 Mountain Goat
Number 4 Kangaroo
Number 3 Octopus
Number 2 Cheetah
Number 1 Snake