Why Maureen Mccormick Filmed These Episodes Without a Bra

Maureen McCormick came of age while filming The Brady Bunch, and this made her particularly poised to begin rebelling against the show’s innocent demeanor over the course of its five-season run. Maureen’s rebellion first took the form of her suggesting more mature storylines to the show’s writer, a suggestion that they understandably turned down.

After this, Maureen took the maturation of the show into her own hands by deciding not to wear a bra. Maureen convinced Eve Plumb, who played middle Brady daughter Jan, to join her in her braless hijinks. They went through the filming of several episodes before the series’ director took notice and promptly reprimanded them for the deed. These two stars weren’t the only members of The Brady Bunch’s cast to grow increasingly bored of the series, and its innocent demeanor by the show’s end.