What Hygiene Was Like On the Titanic

Like most things aboard the Titanic, hygienic practices and resources were dictated by class. First-class passengers traveling on the Titanic enjoyed some of the most luxurious bathing, dining, and recreational facilities to have ever been found at sea, while third-class passengers had to prove themselves clean just to get on board.

Passengers on the Titanic spent their days and nights on the magnificent vessel, enjoying food in abundance while being tended to around every turn. In first and second class, Titanic passengers had access to public and private spaces with state-of-the-art amenities.

Even in steerage, travelers didn’t have much to complain about, with regular meals, electricity, and other comforts they may never have experienced before. The Titanic was tidy, shiny, and almost everything it was advertised to be – a true Queen of the Ocean.