Club Giggle’s 5 Worst (We Mean Hilarious) Info Commercials

Club Giggle’s 5 Worst (We Mean Hilarious) Info Commercials

1   Hawaii Chair


Who has sufficient energy to go to the exercise center? With the Hawaii Chair, you can remove the work from your exercise staying in shape while you sit at your work area.  A 2,800-r.p.m. engine situated underneath the seat reproduces the hula movement at different rates to tone muscle. We at Club Giggle can imagine how easy it will be typing and writing when your ass is spinning around. You ever wanted to know what it feels like to type or write while having a seizure?  Here’s your chance. This not only will make you fit, but also make you look like you drank 50 cans of beer without blacking out. Thanks, Hawaii Chair!! Its hilarious that they are advertising the chair by showing you things they all need to be stationary to do and are fumbling miserably.


2   Tiddy Bear

From imaginative esteem, this must be one of the best infomercials ever! Tired of belts diving in? Then possibly the Tiddy Bear is only for you! No joke, this is a genuine item. You’d think this came straight from SNL. I’m going to get two. One for each tiddy.

As the women say in the commercial the seatbelt used to hold me so tight I could barely even breathe!” ….come on your problem might not be isolated to the seatbelt. In fact, you may want to see a doctor.

3   Shake Weight

If exercising in the Hawaii Chair seems like way too much work, prepare for a “revolution.” The Shake Weight for Men vows that within 10 seconds, its workout “is going to kick your butt.” At six minutes per day, users can whittle down the repetitions that free weights require, working multiple muscles in multiple directions all at once.


4   Wearable Towel

This is the most idiotic thing ever! Unless you’re distorted, or injured, or rationally impeded, you can very easily fold a towel over on itself at a corner to keep it on. You probably don’t want to step out of your house looking like Julius Caesar.


5   Better Marriage Blanket

It doesn’t eliminate the farts, it just absorbs them into the carbon filter layer.  Eventually you will be sleeping wrapped up in a blanket of old farts. Made with the same stuff used by the military to protect against chemical weapons. We at Club Giggle are  laughing so hard we can’t breathe.