Club Giggle’s 5 Funny 911 Calls

Club Giggle’s 5 Funny 911 Calls


1 Hurry Up In There!


CLUB GIGGLE loo Club Giggle's 5 Funny 911 Calls

A Canadian girl dialed 911 when hearing yelling and shouting coming back from her neighbor’s flat. once cops arrived, they pounded on the door till the resident finally opened. That’s after they discovered that the person was in no danger. He’d simply been having a rough time on the toilet

2 Dial D For Dumbass

CLUB GIGGLE butt-dialed Club Giggle's 5 Funny 911 Calls


A thief in Shelby County, Ohio, was caught by police when he accidentally butt-dialed 911 while breaking into an apartment. creating matters worse The crook hid in a closet, however was ratted out by his phone once again once the low battery alarm went off.


3  Nicotine 911 Fit

CLUB GIGGLE smokes Club Giggle's 5 Funny 911 Calls                                                                                                                  Winnipeg FreePress

After making many calls to 911, a Lundar, Canada, man was warned that the next one would land him in jail. That prompted him to reveal his real reason for calling: If you’re coming to arrest Me, he told the dispatcher, can you bring me some smokes?

4 Only During A Full Moon

CLUB GIGGLE ufo Club Giggle's 5 Funny 911 Calls

When a British man saw a mysterious flying object that lit up the sky he immediately called the authorities. But before the police could react, the man called back, saying mystery solved. The UFO was actually the moon.source

5 Grampa Got Busted

CLUB GIGGLE cheating Club Giggle's 5 Funny 911 Calls

When a seven-year-old girl called 911 and then hung up, the Burnett, Wisconsin, police were dispatched to her home. When they arrived, they discovered the problem—the girl’s grandfather was cheating in a game of cards.source