Cats Causing Mayhem!



CLUB GIGGLE unicorncat-300x251 Cats Causing Mayhem!

What do you do when you see your brand new kitty sitting straight upon a stuffed unicorn? Onward, Fluffy!!


Spoiled Much?

CLUB GIGGLE spoiltcat-300x258 Cats Causing Mayhem!

No, Ma’am. Not spoiled at all. Every cat on the block has its own yurt and a personal iPad.



CLUB GIGGLE smother-cat-78828-18962-300x166 Cats Causing Mayhem!

And all this time we thought Salem the cat and Fido the dog were best buddies. Where did we go wrong?


On the Clock

CLUB GIGGLE phone-cat-300x251 Cats Causing Mayhem!

This poor cat just wanted to snuggle with his human. Now he has become a holder of the phone! Not cool Sarah!


Goodbye, Mufasa!

CLUB GIGGLE lion-king-cat-300x290 Cats Causing Mayhem!

Wow. Walked in on little Buttercup and Oreo just in the nick of time. Otherwise poor Oreo could have met a similar fate as Mufasa!


Talk about Angry Cat!

CLUB GIGGLE madcat-300x223 Cats Causing Mayhem!

Here is the true angry cat, folks! Look at those little eyes looking…. judging… Go get him some milk Karen.


Poor Kitty!

CLUB GIGGLE movingdoorcat-300x217 Cats Causing Mayhem!

Does anyone know why poor kitty thinks the door was moved? LoL


Depressed Kitty?

CLUB GIGGLE newhousecat-300x238 Cats Causing Mayhem!

Poor Cat. She is totally disassociating with not only her new house, but life in general! Get her some catnip stat!


Cats That Make You Go Hmmm…

CLUB GIGGLE onioncat-300x224 Cats Causing Mayhem!

I mean… Maybe watching someone chop onions is a lot more fun this way?



CLUB GIGGLE killerwindowcat-300x203 Cats Causing Mayhem!

I mean, Nephew-Kitty is strung out on the catnip. Slow down, Tiger!


Empath Cat

CLUB GIGGLE holding-hands-cat-300x297 Cats Causing Mayhem!

Aww, This is the cutest thing ever. Butterscotch is telling his human, its ok! You got this!


Heck no, Kitty!

CLUB GIGGLE hates-snow-300x278 Cats Causing Mayhem!

This is how everyone who has ever seen snow feels about snow!




CLUB GIGGLE halloweenblackcat-300x217 Cats Causing Mayhem!

Well, this is odd. Life imitating art… or is it art imitating life? Guess we will never know…


Fat Cat!

CLUB GIGGLE fatcat-300x225 Cats Causing Mayhem!

Oh no, Poor Simba! Looks like a diet is on tap!