Evolution of Personal Transport 1920-2020

Evolution of Personal Transport 1920-2020.

1920s Monowheel 1920s

Autoped 1920s

Autoped 1930s

The Corgi 1940s

MK1 Welbike 1940s

Cushman Scooter 1950s

Mobylette 1950s

Mopetta 1960s

Motorized Roller Skates 1960s

Personal Hovercraft 1960s

Personal Hovercraft 1960s

Personal Hovercraft 1960s

Peel P50 1970s

Mobylette 1980s

Roll Ex 1990s

Roller Cycle 2000s

Motoboard 2000s

Segway 2000s

Electric Bikes 2000s

Ryno Micro-Cycle 2000s

Wheelman Gas Skateboard 2000s

Trikke Electric 2010s

Hoverboard 2010s

Solowheel 2010s

IOTAtrax 2010s

Doped Bikes 2010s

Electric Drift Trike 2010s

Electric Scooter 2010s

Boosted Boards 2010s

Hoverwheels 2020s

Walkcar 2020s

CityGo Urban 2020s

Solar Powered E-bike: Daymak Beast 2020s

Honda UNI-CUB 2020s

Schaeffler Four Wheeled Electric Bike 2020s

Two Wheeled Electric Car