Club Giggle Presents: Don’t Eat That!

CLUB GIGGLE fbe942c79735ccc4652eabf7-606x280 Club Giggle Presents:  Don't Eat That!

There are many talented chefs out there; Unfortunately this is not an article about them! It’s just the opposite! Let us begin!   Bloody Mary made with ketchup and a spring onion? And that’s only the start.   Hot Dog & Pickle Grilled Cheese   Chocolate Covered Brussel Sprouts       Inside out Hot Dog     Apple Sauce

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Fail: Pumpkin Carving Edition

CLUB GIGGLE pumpkin-monster.jpg-53030-800x280 Fail: Pumpkin Carving Edition

Who doesn’t love a great FAIL?!   1 Instagram/@natalieedith When carving a pumpkin, you may want to use a reference. That’s the smartest way to ensure a quality design. But start with the inner details; don’t begin by carving the outline. If you need proof, look at this picture. 2 Instagram/@hakanheed Seriously though, it looked like it could have been

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