6 Hilarious Texts Messages

CLUB GIGGLE image001-1 6 Hilarious Texts Messages

3/21/2017    By A MAlik   6 Hilarious Texts Messages   1 We all have that one friend….   You know… the one we think his father married his cousin.   2 Always make sure you know who you dialed. Lol  It can be a life changing event. 3 A real best friend would have been driving the car yes?  Friends

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Top 10 Stupid Inventions

CLUB GIGGLE fork-chops Top 10 Stupid Inventions

Top 10 Stupid Inventions     1 Fork Chops   Here is a total dimwit idea but listen up anyhow. If you’ve ever wanted to completely class DOWN your sushi meal, opt for to use a fork chop. This way if your chopsticks are too much to handle, you can turn them around, make use of a fork and have

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